3. Jan 2023

Sorting and recycling of textiles is now one step closer

Textile production is one of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Therefore, it is crucial to find a solution to utilize textile waste in a profitable and value-creating way. Through the knowledge bridge project “Sorting and recycling of textile waste”, the companies TechKnow and HAACK Recycling have developed results together with the Danish Technological Institute that can significantly improve the value chain.

The purpose of the knowledge bridge project has been to develop and mature sorting and recycling technologies to enhance the value chain for textile waste.


TechKnow accelerated their technical development

TechKnow works with mechanical pre-sorting of different waste streams and wanted to explore the possibilities in textiles through the Knowledge Bridge project. Together with the Danish Technological Institute, they tested their current plant and increased the concentration of the textile waste fraction from 85% to 92%. In addition, the partners investigated what it would take to meet the buyers’ requirements for the textiles.

One of the requirements was that the textiles had to be dry. This is because mold thrives in wet clothes, which is a huge problem.

Both Teknologisk and TechKnow worked on solutions to this and came up with two options: UV light or deterioration of the growth conditions. Both solutions have given TechKnow insight and knowledge for the further process:

The collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute has significantly accelerated the technical and business development at TechKnow. The knowledge we have gained through the project has given us the opportunity to continue working on finding a good mechanical solution for sorting textile waste – Emil Buur Trads, CTO, TechKnow.

HAACK Recycling – From sparring to fully developed products

Through the knowledge bridge project, HAACK Recycling has received sparring from the Danish Technological Institute to develop their products. This has resulted in 1 product that is now on the market. An acoustic decomodule.Through the project, the Danish Technological Institute has tested and evaluated the products so that they meet customer requirements.


In collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, we focused on the development of two new products in the project. They provided testing and advice that helped us finalize a product that is now commercially available – Christina Haack, Founder, HAACK Recycling.


In addition, the Danish Technological Institute has provided HAACK Recycling with knowledge and networks for the further development of a second filling product so that it does not downcycle decomposed textile residues.

Although the development of the second product in the project has not been completed, the collaboration has made it clear which path we need to take to develop it and which barriers need to be overcome – Christina Haack, Founder.

The Knowledge Bridge project ran from January 2021 to December 2022 and was granted DKK 500,000 by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. The partners in the project were: Danish Technological Institute, HAACK Recycling and TechKnow.

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