Cookie- and Privacy Policy

CLEAN is a non-profit network-organisation and our primary work it to lead organisations and stakeholder within the enviornmental sector together through events, projects and other collaborations. These activities require that we know our network and can uphold contact to organisations and stakeholders.

We strive to address only employees in organisations whom has participated in our activites and we store and maintain contactdata on these persones to provide services to our network.

This could be e.g. to propose suggetions to potential cooperations to the organisations advantages or as a part of our development and execution of new activities in the network.

As a starting point, we, in CLEAN, expect that all participants in CLEAN’s activities are aware and knowing that CLEAN store data as the participant has given in relation to the activities and that CLEAN uses these data to maintain contact and develop new activities.

In relation with our management of our projects which are supported by different donors, we hare obligated in some scope to document our activities and in some projects our and our partner’s costs on relation to the project. In these surcumstances we store and manage persondata in the form of hour-registration, paychecks, employment papers and diverse cost documentation.

Use of data

Contactdata will be used to:
Contact persons in the network by which CLEAN evaluate could be interested in activities, projects or collaborations in the network.
Document our activities  to various donors whom in some require documentation to be stored for years to come.

Personaldata will be used to:
To document own and partner’s cost in relation to completion of projects in order to determine and confirm the amount of support from the project’s various donors and vis-á-vis.

Data storage

CLEAN only uses encrypted online IT-systems to storage contact- and personaldata. All systems are controlled with passwords. Our primary systems are: by Citrix
Transfer of Data to 3rd party

When CLEAN gives personaldata to 3rd parties such as donors, authorities or accountants, we always uses encrypted connection and only as instructed in the support programs where data is to be used as documentation:

Emails are sent encrypted when deemed necessary.
Files are shared over encrypted access through file management systems.

CLEAN provides a facility for partners so that they can transfer personaldata to CLEAN over encrypted connections but in general the partners themselves has responsibility to secure a safe transfer for own personaldata to CLEAN.

Insights and complaints

You have the rights to know, which personalinformations we handle for you. You have additionally to any given time right to make an insight against the use of informations used. You can recall your consent to which information we use about you.

If the informations is wrong, you have the right to get them corrected or deleted. To do so, you can contact: If you want to make a complaint about our use of your personalinformation, can you contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.