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With over 300 members in Clean, there are many fantastic water and environmental technology solutions. Below you can meet some of our members and see what is happening within our focus areas.

Birdie / Air

Birdie is a fresh air monitor that uses nudging and intuitive design to improve the indoor climate. On the outside, Birdie looks like a canary bird, but on the inside, there is a CO2 monitor hiding, which measures the quality of the indoor climate and helps determine when airing should be done.

RobSub / Water in the Technosphere

RobSub is developing a robot that creates an automated solution for replacing water pipes in the utility sector. With the help of RobSub’s robot, water pipes can be easily replaced, which otherwise requires a lot of resources to do. This makes the work more efficient, sustainable, and safe.

FaunaPhotonics / Climate Adaptation

FaunaPhotonics is a DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) company that monitors and analyzes insect biodiversity data via cutting-edge sensor technology. FaunaPhotonics helps the planet’s shareholders to make data-driven decisions that benefit biodiversity.

RE-ZIP / Waste, Resources & Materials

RE-ZIP produces reusable packaging for use in online shopping. The used packaging can be returned completely free of postage. When the packaging is returned, it is cleaned and quality assured before being used again. In fact, the packaging can be reused up to 30 times.

WOHN / Waste, Resources & Materials

WOHN 3D prints affordable tiny homes of upcycled waste plastic and waste wood. On a 20m2 metric WOHN’s 3D printed homes take out 3 tons of waste materials and save 15 tons of CO2. Carbon footprint of the construction is reduced with 90% compared to homes of concrete and steel.

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