About Clean

Clean is The Danish Water and Environment Cluster and our vision is for Danish companies to be world leaders in the water and environment sector. We connect companies, utilities, knowledge institutions and the public sector to market-driven green innovation in Denmark and abroad.

Innovation, growth og cleantech

In The Danish Water and Environment cluster, small and medium-sized companies meet with large companies, entrepreneurs, utilities, municipalities, regions and knowledge institutions. What they all have in common is that they work with Water in the Technosphere, Climate Adaptation, Air, Resources and/or Soil, Water & Nature.

Together with strong partners, we open doors for innovation and business opportunities nationally and internationally, and accelerate business growth and the green transition.

We support the growth and employment of water and environmental companies through knowledge dissemination & competence development, matchmaking & networking, collaborative projects and internationalization.

What is a cluster?

A cluster is a key instrument in the overall Danish innovation and business development system. A cluster is a business and/or technology community of companies, public actors, knowledge institutions, industry organizations and others who work together to create development and innovation within a sector and to accelerate growth and value creation. The collaboration is motivated by the fact that it provides competitive advantages that individual companies cannot achieve on their own.


We are a private-public company co-financed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, the Danish Business Promotion Agency and the European Union. Through projects, innovation and strong partnerships, we work with Danish water and environmental technology companies.

Strong partnerships and the UN Sustainable Development Goalskaber

At Clean, we connect companies, utilities, knowledge institutions and the public sector for market-driven green innovation in Denmark and internationally. We bring people and organizations together in mutually beneficial partnerships to create an active interaction in the Danish environmental technology ecosystem.

Denmark’s environmental cluster contributes directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in several areas, as environmental technology focuses on improving the environment or minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Denmark must lead the way in developing and implementing green solutions – for the benefit of the planet and the Danish economy. Together, we will accelerate the green transition and focus on solving environmental challenges – both at home and abroad.

Join us in solving the environmental challenges of the future – become a member today!

Our values

At Clean, our values guide us in how we work and how we are.

  • Proactive
    We always take the lead and are proactive in our work. Whether it’s knowledge, collaborations or projects.
  • Sustainable
    Each project and partnership have a focus on ensuring sustainable and positive results and impacts for the environment and society.
  • Collaboration
    We work best as a team. That’s why we always seek collaboration and believe that two is better than one.
  • Committed
    We are passionate about the environment and the good solutions that can improve the environment. That’s why we take an interest and get involved in our members and projects.
  • Diversity
    We believe that diversity strengthens each other’s solutions and creates the greatest value for everyone. Everyone is welcome at Clean regardless of gender, faith, ethnicity, age, background, etc.
  • Open and honest
    In Clean, everyone’s opinions are welcome. At Clean, you can say what you want. We communicate openly and honestly with each other and our business partners.

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