20. Mar 2024

EWA Sensors: A simple sensor with complex data

EWA Sensors has created a solution that can monitor the condition of all machines so that service can be planned and operations are not disrupted. The solution is a compact sensor, no bigger than a cup in circumference, mounted on the outside of the machine to collect data. EWA Sensors founder Eva Kühne will be at IFAT in Munich to showcase the technology to leading machine manufacturers through Clean’s booth in May.

Since 2020, Eva Kühne has been developing and creating a unique sensor. It is unique because it is equipped with edge computing, enabling it to detect faults regardless of machine type or operating environment. At the same time, Eva has ensured that all data and logic is stored locally in the sensor, which can then be transferred to the cloud when needed. This makes the sensor very complex but still simple to install and use:


The sensor looks simple, but it’s incredibly complex inside. I provide data at the machine level and want to play into the more extensive solutions, as data is gold – Eva Kühne, founder of EWA Sensors.


The sensor requires no manual setting or programming for a specific machine. It is able to identify and adapt to the machine autonomously. Attaching the sensor with an adhesive will automatically detect the machine and its working mode. This allows the production machine to be serviced before the situation becomes critical and potentially costly.


In general, breakdowns in production can cost up to USD 260,000 per hour. Here, the sensor can help find faults before they become critical – Eva Kühne.


Exhibiting at the world’s largest environmental trade fair

This May, Eva will be able to present its solution at one of the world’s largest environmental technology fairs, IFAT, through the Danish pavilion and Denmark’s water and environment cluster. With nearly 3,000 exhibitors and almost 119,000 visitors, IFAT is the optimal platform to meet both new and existing customers.

Eva aims to connect with two to three new customers and create greater visibility for her one-person business.


I’m looking forward to the IFAT fair and the matchmaking that will be done there with some of the exhibitors and other partners. It’s one of the biggest trade fairs and a massive showcase for me – Eva Kühne.


In collaboration with the Danish Export Association, Clean offers 12 members the opportunity to exhibit at IFAT, where they can showcase their solutions and network. Clean has a dedicated area called ‘Innovation Corner’ that focuses on Danish innovation solutions such as EWA Sensors. The Danish Pavilion is supported by both the Danish Export Association and the Danish Trade Council. At the same time, Clean’s Innovation Corner receives co-financing from both the European Union and The Danish Board of Business Development.


Clean open up a strong network

EWA Sensor has been a member of Clean since 2023 and has been part of various activities and opportunities the cluster offers. One was the acceleration program Beyond Beta-Flow, where Eva gained insights and tools to strengthen her business and expand her professional network. She says that the Beyond Beta program has given her relevant partners to talk to and help her further develop her business.


Clean has a robust professional network. After the process with Beyond Beta and Henrik Nørgaard, I got targeted value for my business.


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