17. May 2024

Eight new knowledge bridge projects approved for testing and demo of environmental technology solutions

8 Danish small and medium-sized companies have each been granted DKK 100,000 to collaborate with knowledge institutions to develop and test new solutions that can boost the companies’ level of innovation.

On Wednesday, eight companies received a great email in their inbox. Clean, The Danish Water and Environmental Cluster, has just granted each company DKK 100,000 to test and demonstrate solutions through a Videnbro project. The purpose of the projects is to build a bridge between the experts’ knowledge and the companies’ product solutions so that together, they can move the companies’ solutions to the next stage and thereby support and enhance the innovation of Danish water and environmental technology.

Out of 14 applications across Clean’s five focus areas, eight projects in this round have been approved by the cluster’s grant committee, which consists of experts from DHI and the Alexandra Institute Aalborg University.


Project Manager Thomas Mikkelsen has led the latest rounds and is excited about the grant opportunity for the members of Clean:


The field of applicants and their product solutions range widely within the framework of our five focus areas, and we are experiencing significant interest in our Knowledge Bridge concept. DKK 100,000 may not sound like much, but for many of our small and medium-sized member companies it can actually make a huge difference, to bring a knowledge partner into the development room and jointly push their product solutions closer to the market or into new business areas.


The eight new projects will work with climate adaptation, improved air quality in waste collection vehicles, regenerative building materials, and flow algorithms on pipe sensors.


Approved projects

The eight approved projects and their partners are:

Flow algorithms for pipe sensors (Aguardio, Xtel Wireless, and FORCE Technology)

Grobund Working Community (Grobund, Tegnestuen Drivkraft, Syddjurs Kommune, Grohuse and DBI – Dansk Brand- & Sikringsteknisk Institut)

Testing vertical LAR solutions (Pilebyg, Fshore og Københavns Universitet)

Bark Panel – a regenerative building material (Re-Claim, ReVærk Tegnestue og DBI – Dansk Brand and Sikringsteknisk Institut)

Greenlandic Rock Flour Dispersal in Soil (Rock Flour Company, Teknologisk Institut and Københavns Universitet)

Test and development of new molding tool for cloudburst valve (Updrift Copenhagen, Schoeller Plast and Teknologisk Institut)

Indicative fire test for biogenic and non-toxic fire coating in upcycled biocomposite for 3D printed homes (Wohn Homes, Noignis and DBI – Dansk Brand og Sikringsteknisk Institut)

Improved working environment in the waste management industry (GC Healthcare, Remondis, Vognmand Per Ørum Juul Jensen og Teknologisk Institut)


The Knowledge Bridge projects are co-financed by Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

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