30. Jan 2024

Clean and Danish Export Association unite to boost Danish solution exports

Clean og Danish Export Association indgår afalte om større samarbejde. Fra venstre: Scott Allison (Clean), James Armour (Clean), Ilse Korsvang (DEA) og Klaus Kattenhøj (DEA). (c) Clean

Clean and the Danish Export Association join forces to increase exports of Danish solutions.

Clean and the Danish Export Association have strengthened their collaboration in promoting Danish solutions in the global market by officially signing a partnership agreement on January the 17th.

This strategic collaboration is a crucial milestone as both organizations join forces to drive innovation and facilitate the internationalization of Danish water and waste companies. The decision to formalize this partnership builds on a year of successful collaboration in 2023 and aims to achieve a more efficient and coordinated presence.


“The partnership underlines our shared commitment to driving industry excellence and supporting Danish companies’ internationalization goals,” says Scott Allison, Head of International, Clean.


The primary focus of this partnership is to mutually increase the visibility and potential of Danish companies within the water and waste sector, both nationally and internationally. The collaboration will revolve around supporting each other’s ambitions and working closely with key stakeholders to strengthen the export of Danish water and waste solutions.


Shared goals to create international ambitions

The partnership places particular emphasis on the common goal of mutually strengthening the Danish water and waste industry both in Denmark and abroad. This will be achieved through initiatives such as trade fairs, training programs, export counseling and easier access to financing for companies. Delegations to Denmark and abroad will be an integral part of the collaboration, starting with participation in the IFAT Water & Waste Trade Fair in Munich from May 13-17.


Here, both parties will collaborate at the Danish pavilion with a delegation of companies, led by the Danish Export Association, showcasing the innovation and capacity of the Danish water and environmental sector.


Read more about the opportunity to exhibit at IFAT


“What started as an experiment in bringing Clean and its members out into the world at trade shows is now being properly formalized. The feedback from Clean’s exhibiting members has been very positive at the Pavilion of Denmark, and the reception among our members has also been very supportive of the many startups” says Klaus Kattenhøj, Head of Water Tech, Danish Export Association.


“We are thrilled to enter into this strategic partnership with the Danish Export Association. Together we aim to amplify the global impact of Danish water and environmental solutions through innovation, collaboration and increased visibility.” says Scott Allison, Head of International, Clean.


As the collaboration unfolds, Clean and the Danish Export Association anticipate an exciting journey ahead that will contribute significantly to the internationalization ambitions of Danish water and environmental companies.

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