Our focus areas guide our work

Water and environmental technology cover a range of solutions that mitigate the negative effects that our modern society has on the environment.

Clean works with five areas, which are shown below. The further analysis of the water and environmental technology companies is based on these five areas.

The five areas are not mutually exclusive, and a number of the Danish (particularly large) water and environmental technology companies have activities in several areas, which contributes to the coherence of the cluster.

Water technology includes solutions, products and technology related to ‘water in pipes’, including water supply, wastewater management and water/sewerage systems. Denmark is a world leader when it comes to developing innovative solutions in the water sector. Therefore, we bring together the entire water ecosystem in the technosphere to support and develop the Danish position of strength.

Climate change caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is the biggest challenge facing the global society today. However, it’s not just greenhouse gases that pollute our atmosphere and the air we breathe.

The many environmental challenges present a huge potential for innovation in areas such as measuring, monitoring and restoring pollution in soil and water, as well as promoting biodiversity and nature quality.

Climate adaptation is a major societal challenge where a holistic mindset must work towards securing stressed cities, infrastructures, and society.

Materials play a key role in the green transition. Resource constraints and environmental impacts have become critical issues globally. The environmental impact of a material ranges from raw material extraction to final recycling. It is essential to promote the sustainable use of materials and recognise waste as a valuable resource.

Tech Tour Water Tech 2023

In May 2023, water technology took centre stage in Aarhus, Denmark, as 40 selected SMEs got the chance to present their innovative solutions to investors from across the globe. Among the companies, you could find several members of Clean on stage introducing their water technology solutions to the international audience.

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