Funding is a crucial driver of growth and innovation for startups and SMEs. At Clean, we recognize that funding can challenge many SMEs. Especially when it comes to developing, testing, and demonstrating innovative technologies and solutions.

As The Danish Water and Environment Cluster, we are a neutral innovation space where we support innovation collaborations with business involvement. We are happy to contribute to your innovation project – both in the application process and in the project itself.

What can you use Clean for?

Clean supports your innovation project both in the application phase and during project execution. We offer sparring and partner search, where we provide input for the development of your application. We have an extensive network and knowledge of the ecosystem, so we can refer you to relevant partners, including companies, knowledge institutions, utilities and public actors.

Clean can also be a partner in your project, which assists with results dissemination, event execution and international exposure.

Innovation funds

  • Through our network and collaboration with universities, GTSs, utilities, public actors, and larger companies, we facilitate opportunities for your company to participate in projects with a focus on innovation.
  • The projects may be financed by public funds, where you can partner with us and gain access to resources and financial support to develop and test your water or environmental technology solution.

Participate in larger programs

  • Many relevant funds and programs are available for your business. Clean helps create comprehensive programs where you can participate in value chain projects, innovation collaborations or accelerator programs.
  • We guide you and your company to participate in relevant programs and access funding, mentorship opportunities as well as valuable resources.

Soft funding programs

  • Clean may be able to support you when applying for funding from programs such as MUDP, Innovation Fund Denmark, Innomission, EIFO, and other relevant funds.
  • We will help you understand different funding opportunities, assist you with your application and connect you with suitable partners.

Clean is the water and environmental cluster that is passionate about sustainable development. We are here to support you and your business by offering valuable help and guidance in financing your growth journey. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Clean works with water and environmental innovation in areas such as water technology, air quality, soil contamination, climate adaptation, and resource management. We focus on supporting the development of technologies and solutions to protect the environment, promote sustainability as well as improve air and water quality.

Together with Danish and international companies, we work to strengthen Denmark’s position as a global leader in these areas. Our innovation priorities include digitalization, nature-based solutions, circular economy, and reducing climate impact. Let’s have a no-obligation chat about how Clean can boost your innovation project.


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