23. Jan 2023

Eco Island will be able to prove their impact

Eco Island develops, manufactures and implements floating plant islands in a biomimetic design inspired by natural wetlands. The plant islands are multifunctional and offer a range of ecosystem services including improving water quality, restoring degraded ecosystems, increasing biodiversity and creating new recreational areas. Eco Island’s solutions therefore naturally contribute to the green transition.

A desire to be as close to 100% sustainable as possible

Eco Island wanted their company to become as close to 100% sustainable as possible – and to be able to document it. Therefore, in collaboration with their advisor Provice, they have worked throughout the process to document the life cycle and sustainability of their solutions:

“With the Green Circular Transition project, we wanted to be able to document our impact in terms of sustainability, effects, resource consumption and climate footprint. It is not only an advantage but an absolute necessity that we are resource efficient and have both a circular production and business model. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, but our participation in the Green Circular Transition project has helped us well on our way, and Provice’s help in documenting the product’s LCA – also seen over a longer perspective, has been a great help, says CEO, Eco Island, Berit Nørgaard.

Exploring opportunities and barriers

An additional focus area has been to look at how the company can further develop their current business model and make it more circular. Among other things, they have focused on identifying opportunities and barriers to offering subscription solutions on the islands. A solution that will give customers access and control instead of ownership. Among other things, the company is exploring opportunities and barriers by implementing take-back schemes and ensuring both reuse and recycling, thus making their supply chain and production even more sustainable – also when production is scaled up.

A documentation of the company’s footprint on climate and natural resources
The work has resulted in a documentation of the company’s footprint on climate and natural resources and thereby the sustainability of products, production and supply chain through an LCA (as a screening or true LCA). The analysis is conducted by Provice in dialog with Eco Island. The company is also in the process of uncovering how a circular business model can be realized.

We have been happy to be part of the project and would recommend others to participate. We have learned a lot about how we can (if possible) become even greener, and it has given us a very valuable documentation of our real impact, says Berit Nørgaard, CEO, Eco Island.

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