16. Jun 2023

New way to upcycle bread scraps into bioethanol

Personer der deltog i videnbroprojektet.

G2B BioSolutions (G2B) is a biotech company focused on upcycling food scraps from the food industry back into quality products. G2B’s process takes bread leftovers and turns them into sustainable, quality protein and bioethanol. Bioethanol is an alternative fuel to fossil fuels that emits less emissions. Through a knowledge bridge project, G2B BioSolutions has gained knowledge about the market and created analysis on food waste, which has laid the foundation for a GUDP project.

More than 800,000 tons of food are thrown out every year in Denmark alone. Including approx. 100,000 tons of bread. G2B BioSolutions has created an innovative method and solution to upcycle bread into bioethanol. The biggest challenge is that industrial bread has a high moisture content, which makes it mold quickly and thus cannot be recycled. Together with DTU Food, G2B has gained expert knowledge to map out methods to optimize the lifespan.

With DTU, we have analysed the drying, milling and compressing of bread residues to extend the life of the bread on the shelves. In parallel, G2B has analysed the value chains. This has given us structures that allow us to work better with different partners – Dayanand Jadhav, CEO, G2B BioSolutions.

The Knowledge Bridge project was the stepping stone to GUDP

The project has been positive for Dayanand Jadhav, who has enjoyed the process. He says that with DTU’s knowledge, G2B has had the opportunity to move forward and create a stepping stone for larger innovative solutions through GUDP. Together with many partners from the Knowledge Bridge project, including DTU Food, G2B has embarked on a GUDP project with the expectation of getting one step closer to commercialization.

The Knowledge Bridge project has been a good start for major project planning. It has helped a lot to see the potentials of G2B’s innovative solutions for everyone, so we are happy to support the companies – Prof. Mohammad Amin, DTU Food.

The next step

The program has boosted G2B BioSolutions by adding knowledge about the shelf life of bread leftovers and laying the foundation for closer collaboration with DTU and the partner group. This has led to G2B BioSolutions joining forces with Orkla Food and DTU Food in a GUDP project to test their innovative solution and see if it can produce a protein by-product to make the solution even more circular.

The Knowledge Bridge project ran from May 2022 to March 2023 and was granted DKK 360,000 by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. The partners in the project were: G2B BioSolutions, Biotrans, Easyfood, GG2D and DTU.

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