10. Mar 2023

FLOW participants open doors to new opportunities

Six months of acceleration culminated on Wednesday, February 22nd for 12 water startups through the BeyondBeta – FLOW program. The 12 startups have each become stronger in their business plan, core service and, not least, expanded their network. The participants have been extremely satisfied with the program.

FLOW helps the best water technology startups in Denmark to quickly lay the foundation for a scalable business and attract the right investors. Two startups, SmartBrønd and E-CIP Concept, have been part of the 1st cohort and have both been extremely satisfied with the program, their mentor and CLEAN’s efforts.

SmartBrønd has sharpened its business plan

SmartBrønd has become skilled in digitizing climate adaptation projects that can monitor the water balance in the sewer system. Through FLOW, they have, among other things, attended a bootcamp to sharpen their business plan and concretize their concept.

“With the bootcamp, we have become much sharper on our business plan compared to where we were before. FLOW has given us a larger network and insight into a good plan,” says Mikkel Preiss, Partner at SmartBrønd.

Mikkel and SmartBrønd have strengthened their collaboration with Frederiksberg Municipality and found an office space with the help of FLOW.

The next step for SmartBrønd is now to apply for funding through CLEAN’s knowledge bridge project in May and possibly find partnerships through Innovation Fund Denmark.

“When one door opened, 2 more doors opened”

E-CIP Concept, who also participated in FLOW, has developed a patented method to save water when cleaning large food processing plants without compromising quality or food safety.

Through FLOW, they have received all the support and guidance you can get from both the project manager and their mentor. A help that Finn Gregersen, Commercial Director of E-CIP, is extremely pleased with:

“Throughout the process, we have been listened to and CLEAN has helped us find the contacts that have been relevant to us.”

Through FLOW, they have received advice and sparring on how to apply for funding for patent development and expanded their network within the food industry.

“We have been met proactively and it has opened doors for us. When one door opened, 2 more doors opened,” says Finn Gregersen.

After their time in FLOW, E-CIP Concept will keep in touch with the project manager, Henrik Nørgaard, and continue to expand their network and further develop their product with knowledge and networks from FLOW and CLEAN.

The FLOW project

FLOW focuses on finding and promoting Danish water technology startups that have the potential to become growth startups. The project is part of the Beyond Beta project. Right now, the 2nd cohort of startups are in the process, which ends in May 2023.

If you are working with a water technology solution and are curious to hear more, please contact project manager Henrik Nørgaard.

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