5. Jan 2023

5 new knowledge bridge projects launched in close collaboration with Clean’s knowledge partners

5 new knowledge bridge projects across Clean’s focus areas will be launched in 2023, with just over DKK 2 million in grants from Clean.

In December, Clean’s grant committee for the 5 focus areas met to approve the next round of knowledge bridge projects. Out of 15 applications across Clean’s five focus areas, five projects were approved.

The knowledge bridge projects in the 3rd round, as in the other rounds, focus on the development and bridging between companies and knowledge institutions. A knowledge bridge project brings innovation and knowledge to companies from different perspectives. With a knowledge bridge project, you can get a stamp of approval for your idea or product, as Fr. Petersen in Broager did with their MurstenRenser.

We look forward to following and supporting the projects throughout the process and seeing their results at the end of 2023!

Approved projects

The approved projects are:

Nanobubbles for wastewater aeration and purification (partners are: TechRas Nano, Hillerød Spildevand and AAU)

Bio-based road pavement with lower carbon footprint (partners are: Visibuilt, Fatto A Mano Furniture, Lolland Savværk, Munck Asfalt and Danish Technological Institute)

Circular Practice – CO2 Assessment of Industrial Resource Symbioses (partners are: The UPCYCL, Superwood, STOKO Plast, Ravendo, Anno Studio and AAU)

WindColumn: Reuse of wind turbine blades as load-bearing columns (partners are: Lendager, A:GAIN and DBI)

Feasibility study of the Kraftcentrum Grindsted project concept (partners are: GEV Holding, Electrocell, GeoDrilling, ATES, Region of Southern Denmark and AAU)

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