Urban Tin Mining


Tin is a scarce resource and a vital one that is lost if it’s not separated from the steel used for things like cans. Approximately 12% of the world’s tin is currently used for tinplate – the stuff used for cans – and the risk of it disappearing from the value chain is huge, as de-tinning is not done efficiently today.

With rising geopolitical tensions, competition for resources is expected to increase in the future.



By using DTU’s process expertise and Novozymes’ experience with enzymes, the knowledge bridge project will make it more efficient and possible to separate the tin from the steel. At the same time, Ribe Flaskecentral and ERA Recycling will bring their many years of experience to bear on the market.


With efficient de-tinning, the effects of the project can contribute to a more sustainable, circular tin use that can ensure a better utilization of resources. In addition, recycled tin can reduce the carbon footprint by almost 50% compared to virgin tin.

01/09/2023 – 30/06/2024

145,000 DKK

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