CO2 Vision NeXt

The CO2 Vision NeXt project will support the vision for the North Jutland business lighthouse: that North Jutland should be an international pioneer region for the green industries of the future.

Behind the project is a large consortium led by Green Hub Denmark and Energy Cluster Denmark.

The ambition is to capture, use or store CO2 (CCUS). The project’s activities complement the existing efforts in the North Jutland Business Lighthouse.

The role of the Water and Environment Cluster

Clean’s role in CO2 Vision NeXt is to contribute to the international track of the project. This will be done by creating connections to new European and North American markets for Danish CCUS players.

It will build on the collaboration between Clean and Greenhub Denmark after their trip to Canada in 2023. In addition, the ambition is to support the creation of new collaborations across countries and create new international CCUS innovation projects.

Read more about the CO2 Vision project here


CO2 Vision NeXt is co-financed by the Just Transition Fund Denmark under the European Union.

01/01/2024 – 01/09/2026

449.000 DKK

Supported by

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