Protecting groundwater with bioremediation barriers


In Denmark, untreated groundwater is used for drinking water, but this practice is threatened by pesticides and pesticide residues, with approximately 30 water wells being shut down per year due to pesticide findings.

This project therefore investigates the microbial and geological potential to protect groundwater from pesticides by establishing underground barriers with a bioremediating effect.



Ejlskov has a proven, patented solution within onsite, non-destructive soil remediation, which will be a sustainable solution compared to e.g. advanced treatment of drinking water and/or the establishment of new wells. The project identifies relevant pesticides for oxygen-free microbial degradation for Ejlskov’s solution and tests the degradation in the laboratory.


The environmental impact of a successfully implemented technology will be a better aquatic environment, cleaner groundwater and pesticide-free drinking water. By slowing down the spread and metabolising pesticides, the bioremediation barrier will be of great importance for the drinking water of the future – while preserving existing wells.

01/11/2021 – 01/12/2022

240.000 DKK

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