Recycling of PFTE


PFTE, better known as Teflon, is a fluorinated plastic material with countless properties. It is used in everything from frying pan coatings to specialised industrial items. However, PFTE is difficult to degrade and no large-scale recycling of PFTE is currently taking place. Quantities of PFTE accumulate everywhere with no way to dispose of it or recycle it. Three companies have joined forces in this knowledge bridge project together with FORCE Technology to identify sustainable solutions for the recycling of PFTE waste.



The project will uncover and expand the recycling opportunities for PFTE materials to minimise environmental and climate impact. The options that will be investigated include mechanical shredding, thermal degradation and pyrolytic decomposition of PFTE. In addition, possible buyers and uses for the residues, the regulatory and economic viability of exporting PFTE will be explored.



The purpose of the Videnbro project is to reduce the accumulation of non-degradable PFTE plastics in Denmark and to recycle the materials in new areas of application, e.g. for the production of new PFTE plastics or in new products as fillers.

01/05/2022 – 31/12/2022

230.000 DKK

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