Preventing toxic by-products of amine-based CO2 capture


CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are a growing problem. Therefore, technologies are being developed to capture and store CO2. The most commonly used method is with amine-based technology. However, the use of amine-based technology can lead to unwanted emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. At the same time, the issue is relatively uncharted.



The purpose of the videbro project is to prevent emissions of unwanted and environmentally harmful VOCs from CO2 capture systems and at the same time create a literature review that can form the basis for further development and technologies. The project will solve a significant problem for the amine-based technology that can contribute to a broad implementation of CO2 capture at point sources, which can help Denmark reach its goal of 70% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2023.



The technology developed through the knowledge bridge project will help reduce the emission of harmful substances to the environment. In addition, it will pave the way for a faster dissemination and utilisation of CO2 capture technologies in Danish and international industry. This will contribute to a positive climate effect by reducing CO2 emissions from combustion processes.

31/03/2022 – 30/09/2023

400.000 DKK

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