Lighthouse for water technology

Towards the world’s leading water sector

In 2022, the Danish Business Promotion Board allocated DKK 595 million to eight strong consortia to develop the local business lighthouses of the future around the country. The funds were allocated as a follow-up to the recommendations from the regional growth teams, and almost DKK 76 million from REACT-EU went to the Business Lighthouse for Water Technology in the Central Denmark Region. The Business Lighthouse was thus able to work from a total budget of more than DKK 92 million, including self-financing.

A pioneering region for water technology solutions

The vision is for Central Denmark Region to be a pioneering region for world-leading, innovative, sustainable and efficient water technology solutions for the benefit of exports, growth and employment in Central Denmark and the entire country, promoting the green transition locally and globally.

The Danish water sector has the potential to become an export success in line with the Danish wind adventure, and the Business Lighthouse for Water Technology has therefore built on a number of the positions of strength that the partnership between companies, utilities, universities, municipalities and relevant actors already have good experience with.


7 strategic lines of sight, 28 projects and a partnership agreement with the government

Erhvervsfyrtårnet has brought together the Danish water sector and established a number of strong innovative partnerships across the entire water industry ecosystem with a focus on supporting the development activities of the large group of innovative small and medium-sized Danish water companies. This has been done based on 7 strategic lines of sight, 28 specific projects and a partnership agreement with the government.

As a grant recipient and program operator, Clean has been part of the partnership for the Business Lighthouse in close collaboration with Water Valley Denmark, Climatorium, Aarhus University, VIA University College, Aarhus Municipality, Erhvervshus Midtjylland, Lemvig Municipality and Central Denmark Region.

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22/11/2021 – 31/10/2023

92.000.000 DKK

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