HiddenDyke is an innovative and flexible solution to a highly topical issue around the increasing challenges of flash flooding associated with storm surges, heavy rainfall, and similar weather phenomena. Statistically, such events have become more frequent with climate change and the increase in flood-prone areas. This places greater demands on solutions that prevent flooding in a cost-effective, safe and aesthetically acceptable way.


The project provides important new knowledge and uncovers critical technical, environmental and cost-driving design challenges prior to further development of the hidden flexible dike solution in a modular concept. Together with HiddenDyke, the partner group has developed and designed an inflatable dike that can be hidden underground when there is no risk of flooding. The system uses half as much water as mobile watertubes.


The Videnbro project has confirmed to HiddenDyke that their solution can be used as an attractive alternative to existing permanent dike solutions – both as a permanent and mobile solution.

01/09/2021 – 31/12/2022

391.250 DKK

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