Green Impackt

Sustainable Transformation of Industrial Value Chains Related to Plastic and Packaging in Colombia

The Green Impackt project aims to support the transition of Colombian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the plastic, packaging, and wrapping sector towards a circular economy through training and collaboration with European Union (EU) solution providers.

The central idea is to provide SMEs with access to tools and knowledge to strengthen their competencies and adopt more sustainable practices in the sector, based on cooperation with European suppliers. The project includes training activities in circular economy, the development of tools such as roadmaps and monitoring, access to success stories and best practices, and knowledge about available resources such as financing sources to drive circular economy in the sector.

The project endeavors to promote sustainability, innovation, and competitiveness among SMEs, thereby contributing to sectoral innovation and sustainable development in Colombia.



The program is financed by the European Commission through AL-INVEST Verde, with implementation overseen by a consortium consisting of the Packaging Cluster (Spain), Clean – the Danish Water and Environmental Cluster, and ANDI – the National Business Association of Colombia.

06/05/2024 – 15/10/2025

1.070.402 DKK

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