Detection and reduction of airborne viruses in daycare centers


During 2022, it has been established by leading experts (NFA, SSI, Oxford University, WHO) that respiratory diseases such as colds, flu, RSV and Corona are primarily spread via the air through microscopic droplets known as aerosols. This realization is a paradigm shift, which means that infection control must first and foremost be ensured through increased air exchange and air purification.


The link between sensor data and virus data will lead to a virus risk indicator that can be implemented in the IoT Factory’s sensors and will therefore help users to take action when necessary.
The project will take place at daycare centers where the spread of infection is high and where there is a great opportunity to make a financial difference for municipalities in the form of reduced sick days for staff.



If the project meets the success criterion of reducing infection and improving the working environment, it will have a major socio-economic benefit, due to fewer sick days for staff and less care burden for parents of sick children.

01/09/2023 – 31/08/2024

300,000 DKK

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