Competences for a Green Denmark

Competences for a Green Denmark addresses the widespread lack of skilled workers in Danish SMEs while supporting Denmark’s green transition. The project focuses on attracting and developing a skilled workforce through three main initiatives

  • Connecting well-qualified workers in Denmark, including unemployed academics, seniors, and foreign students.
  • Direct recruitment of well-qualified workers from abroad with competences for the green transition.
  • Competence development of SMEs to strengthen their ability to attract and integrate well-qualified workers.

The project aims to attract qualified foreign workers with a focus on specialties that can support the green transition.

Key Activities

  • Recruitment campaign planned for fall 2024.
  • Engage 150 students in activities that strengthen their knowledge and job opportunities in Denmark.
  • Analyze the needs and challenges of attracting foreign workers to Clean’s member companies.

Target audience

  • Foreign students in Denmark, with a focus on encouraging them to stay and build careers here.
  • Companies that either have a shortage of workers now or expect to have a shortage in the future.
  • Foreign skilled workers who want to work in Denmark.

Does your company have a shortage of skilled labor?

Your company has the opportunity to participate in a recruitment campaign planned for the fall of 2024. Contact Clean for more information on how you can become part of the project and gain a competitive advantage in the search for qualified labor.

The project is co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Danish Business Authority, and the campaign is run by Copenhagen Capacity in close cooperation with the partners in the Talent to a Green Denmark project.

01/08/2022 – 01/07/2025


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