CO2-reducing biodegradable cups


A standard disposable coffee cup emits almost 25g of CO2 and requires massive production resources. In Germany alone, 2.6 trillion cups are consumed annually, requiring 13.2 trillion liters of water and 4.2 trillion trees to produce. This alone strains the world’s resources, and new innovative solutions are needed to reduce resource consumption and CO2 emissions per cup.



Grounded has created a disposable cup made 100% from coffee grounds and waste oil from the food industry. The cup is biodegradable in under four months and emits 12g of CO2.

The solution can help companies lower their carbon footprint while positively impacting their ESG reporting.

Through the project, Grounded will collaborate with German Food and More Company GmbH to reduce the consumption of disposable cups with plastic foil inside, thereby significantly reducing resource consumption in Germany alone.

08/01/2024 – 01/04/2024

100.000 DKK

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