Automatic brick cleaner


The project is a pre-project for the development of a mechanical machine concept that enables automated and optimal recycling of bricks and mortar from buildings constructed with bricks used in construction. The environmental impact of the production and handling of building materials and construction waste is a challenge that is increasingly being focused on, both in terms of energy consumption, resource optimisation and waste management.



The project brings knowledge of basic mechanical and automated methods that make it possible to efficiently separate bricks and mortar, regardless of the type of mortar used – including modern cement-lime mortars. The solution optimises the proportion of whole cleaned bricks and develops a concept for fractionation and recycling of leftover materials.



The Knowledge Bridge project has boosted the BrickCleaner by adding critical knowledge about the technical aspects of handling bricks and mortar. This brings Fr. Petersen Maskinfabrik closer to automated brick cleaning, which has great potential in the construction industry. The project has created a proof of concept for Fr. Petersen’s solution for automated brick cleaning, which is now ready for further processing and development of the solution.

01/10/2021 – 31/12/2022

495.000 DKK

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