25. Sep 2023

Matchmaking opened a door to new markets for KIRT x THOMSEN

KIRT x Thomsen is a visual strategic consultancy offering conceptualization and visualization of complex R&D processes. Through collaborations, they help their clients create a common language and build bridges to their stakeholders by visualizing ideas, concepts, and visions in an easily understandable way.

With this approach and participation in various CLEAN projects and activities, they have joined a larger consortium through real estate firm Hines, which is part of the New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island project. A center for the development and implementation of innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

Matchmaking provided access to new markets.

Back in 2020, KIRT x THOMSEN participated in a matchmaking process in the Nordic Solutions for C40 project facilitated by CLEAN. Here, they met US property manager Hines online for the first time, where together they created a bid for a solution for the Helsinki Energy Challenge. Although they didn’t win the bid, the matchmaking process kick-started their relationship, giving KIRT x THOMSEN access to new markets and sectors in the long run.

Indirectly, the matchmaking process gave us access to new markets in the US, but also the opportunity to network and gain visibility – Rune Kirt, CEO

Later, KIRT x THOMSEN participated in a delegation to the US through the EU Techbridge project, where they met Hines physically, paving the way for more collaboration and adventures in the US.

Part of a consortium in the USA

After meeting with Hines, both virtually and in person, KIRT x THOMSEN has continued to work with them on various collaborations.

In 2021, KIRT x THOMSEN helped Hines create tools to communicate the technical value propositions of a new real estate development in New York with a focus on sustainability. This help and advice from KIRT x THOMSEN were successful and when a new neighbourhood in New York was to be developed with a focus on the climate of the future, KIRT x THOMSEN’s CEO Rune Kirt was asked to be part of the consortium.

Cluster provides opportunities for companies.

KIRT x THOMSEN has been a member of CLEAN for many years and has participated in many activities and programs through the cluster – both nationally and internationally. Their involvement in various activities has paid off and given them opportunities they would not have obtained on their own. In 2020, they participated in TechBBQ, where in addition to visibility, they gained a major customer:

Using a cluster like CLEAN gives you opportunities that you don’t normally get. For example, we got to meet Hines and in 2020 we got a major customer because we participated as an exhibitor at TechBBQ & LOOP -Rune Kirt, CEO

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