The Intelligent Well


With more frequent rainfall in the summer and wetter winters due to climate change, the drainage system we have designed over the last 50 years is coming under pressure as they cannot handle the large amounts of rainfall.

With the large amounts of precipitation, the terrain settles, so the actual xyz coordinates of the pipelines are not consistent with models.

Therefore, it is important that the drainage systems are monitored “intelligently” in a way that wastewater volumes in the system can be measured according to changing circumstances.



This project has a vision of creating a generalised measurement system that can either be retrofitted into existing wells or built into new wells.

The solution must make it possible to have as little maintenance of sensors as possible. The system must be prepared for the continuous connection of sensors for new measurement parameters. Therefore, the project will try to design a new well with a built-in reflector for monitoring the well’s own movements that can receive satellite data.

The product will thus be a kind of modular platform that can be continuously expanded with new functionality over the coming years.

01/12/2021 – 31/12/2022

1.000.000 DKK

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