Structural health monitoring


The aim of the project is to make a demo/test via a feasibility study on a wireless structural health monitoring system for concrete structures, with a focus on structures with serious degradation risk, such as bridges, tunnels and wind turbine foundations.


The project’s solutions must reduce resource consumption, as technicians today inspect all buildings, but instead only go to the building when the IoT-based measurements show that there is a need for this – the so-called risk-based inspection intervals rather than the calendar-based intervals. The environmental aspects of the project lie in the life extension that can be realized by implementing a structural health system.


The knowledge bridge project has produced results that give both Maturix and ElastiSense momentum within their industry, as they have gained knowledge from experts they would not necessarily have obtained elsewhere. Maturix is ​​involved in a Grand Solution project as a side effect of the knowledge bridge project and both companies have gained international contacts in England to promote their solutions.

01/10/2021 – 01/12/2022

480.000 DKK

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