Smart reusable cup for closed loops


The use of single use cups at various venues and events that are either made of plastic or covered with plastic film creates a lot of unnecessary waste. At the same time, legislation on the use of plastic cups is being tightened to minimise waste.



Kleen hub, together with ARIES Robotics, will further develop their Reusable Cup system, where the cups can be circulated in closed circuits such as in offices or stadiums for events. At the same time, the system, together with smart sensors in the bins, will help optimise waste logistics and reduce costs.

Through the partnership, the partners will develop their solutions to make the implementation of the system easier, thereby helping to create a greater circular economy impact.

One of the benefits of the system is that each venue using the system can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in a cost-effective way by reducing the use of disposable cups.

15/07/2023 – 30/07/2024

970.000 DKK

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