Scale-Up was a collaboration between Europe’s cleantech clusters: Cambridge Cleantech, Clean Tech Delta, Cleantech Flanders, Cleantech Inn Sweden and Clean. These clusters have attractive knowledge, are rooted in the local community and come from cities with particular ambitions and experience in cleantech. Scale-up supported the green economy through better utilization of NSR Clean Tech (CT) innovation, which aims for international exploitation of 25 new green products and services through major acquisitions. Although NSR is a global leader in CT innovation, there are still too few of them reaching international markets.

Scale-Up held a series of Meet-the-buyer meetings, where large companies defined a challenge for which they were looking for a solution. Relevant SMEs were then screened and invited to exclusive 1:1 meetings, giving them a unique opportunity to present their technologies and solutions and talk about concrete business opportunities.

The aim of the project was to create better connections between the members of the different clusters, and in this way accelerate the introduction of innovative cleantech products or services to the market. Scale-up will deliver;

  • 5 established clusters to create new transnational services
  • 50 transnational events matching technology buyers with innovators
  • Up to 250 innovators financially supported in transnational business development
  • 300 innovators equipped with skills to serve industrial markets

Scale-Up was supported by the European grant program INTERREG North Sea Region.

01/12/2015 – 31/12/2022

37.250.142 DKK

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