New groundwater mapping technology and its novelty with focus on India


The traditional method of finding groundwater often involves a trial-and-error approach that can result in many wrong wells. This is both costly and time-consuming, as well as posing an environmental risk by allowing contaminants easier access to the ground.


Startup TEMcompany has created a solution that eliminates the need to drill test wells to find water. By scanning and mapping the subsurface with geoscanners, you can easily and cheaply find water sources without drilling too much.

TEMcompany has been talking and collaborating with Indian researchers for several years and wants to get even closer to the Indian market. With a number of legal and economic barriers (taxes and customs) for foreign companies, TEMcompany will with this project try to get in touch with local distributors who can help them enter the market.

04/03/2024 – 01/10/2024

100.000 DKK

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