Naturpladen – grown acoustic panels


Noise is the EU’s second biggest problem for our surrounding environment after air pollution. Noise can lead to critical illnesses, stress and reduced productivity. Available and common acoustic solutions are carbon-intensive and produce large amounts of waste. Acoustic panels contribute 11% of the total carbon emissions for construction. Therefore, there is a need to find solutions that can provide a sustainable alternative for contractors and architects to use.



Naturpladen has developed acoustic panels produced from 100% natural products such as mushrooms and their roots that can replace cement and plastic. The first sound and fire tests have been conducted and through the Knowledge Bridge project they will further develop the product with the help of experts from the Danish Technological Institute and the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Engineering.



If the product is improved, it can replace carbon-heavy acoustic panels and significantly reduce noise levels compared to conventional panels, benefiting consumers and contractors.

01/07/2023 – 30/06/2024

500,000 DKK

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