More sustainable paint packaging


The paint industry generates large amounts of waste in the form of paint buckets. Almost 1.5 million buckets are thrown away daily in the EU. The paint bucket is a single-use plastic container that has yet to receive much attention but has excellent potential.

In addition, a traditional paint bucket is not ergonomically sound for professionals, which can lead to work-related injuries in the long run.


Paint’R has created an ergonomically sound, environmentally friendly, and recyclable solution. Their paint bucket solution, which is square, reduces CO2 emissions and creates better comfort for painters. DYRUP is already using the bucket, and their sister company in the Netherlands wants to start a pilot project.

Paint’R will try to start a potential new market in the Netherlands and launch its first international market through this partnership.

01/12/2023 – 01/08/2024

100.000 DKK

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