Lighthouse for water technology 2.0

In the region of Central Jutland, the Lighthouse for Water Technology brings together the Danish water sector and creates strong, innovative partnerships between utilities, companies, knowledge institutions, public actors and innovative small and medium-sized Danish companies. The  Lighthouse encompasses the entire Danish water sector and aims to contribute to a CO2 and climate neutral water sector by 2030 through a large number of development projects.

Ambition and goals

  • Create an international hub for innovative, sustainable and efficient water technology solutions
  • Develop the world’s most sustainable, climate-resilient and digital water supply.
  • Double the export of water technology from 20 to 40 billion DKK in 2030 and create new Danish jobs
  • Contribute to a CO2 and climate neutral water sector in 2030
  • Increase the number of start-ups and SMEs within water technology in Denmark
  • Create a world-leading, highly professional research and knowledge environment within water technology
  • Build a world-leading knowledge base for lifelong learning within water technology

Seven focus areas, two projects and six key activities

The Lighthouse for Water Technology is a program consisting of seven focus areas, two projects and six main activities that, up to and including February 2026, must, among other things, support research and innovation, contribute to the development of a stronger ecosystem and ensure access to a skilled workforce.

The aim is to create a strong national lighthouse that brings together businesses, water companies, knowledge institutions and municipalities throughout the country with the aim of promoting the green transition, combating climate risks and exploiting the potential in the development of Danish water technologies and solutions.

Do you want to help solve some of the world’s water problems in the future?

The Lighthouse has launched several projects as part of a larger effort to increase the workforce in the water sector.

07/03/2023 – 28/02/2026

124.600.000 DKK

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