The primary focus of IDX is to support entry into the Indian market for Danish companies. IDX will fund a suite of activities for both water and waste management companies towards the Indian market, leading up to the main event which will be IFAT Mumbai in October 2024 where we will host a Danish stand as part of a Nordic trade fair space. Here there will be a Nordic Pavilion where companies will be given the opportunity to meet with each other to establish synergies/areas of co-operation in India as well as back home in the Nordics.

To promote and support Danish SMEs when entering the Indian market.

Key activities

The program supports focused and time-limited business promotion activities within India, focusing on:

  • Promoting Danish companies’ internationalization and joint market development with the aim of enhancing/expanding companies’ knowledge of market opportunities and business conditions within the Indian market.
  • Establishing/expanding contacts with business and cooperation partners within India.
  • To take advantage of the benefits and synergies associated with joint participation in business promotion, such as exchange and sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experience, and to create greater awareness of Danish companies in the Indian market. Organize a delegation of Danish companies to Mumbai for IFAT 2024 (At least 10 companies)
  • Organize 2 online sessions in relation to the do’s and don’ts when entering the Indian market.

Target group

Danish SMEs


They will get a chance to exhibit their solutions at IFAT Mumbai and receive expert insights into the dos and don’ts when doing business within India, they will also get the opportunity to meet potential business partners in India and from the Nordics.

08/05/2024 – 08/01/2025


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