Green Roof Biodiversity Monitoring


The biodiversity crisis is a reality – also in the Mediterranean region. It has seen a huge loss in biodiversity due to the extreme heat and long periods of drought. Urban planting can reduce the heat and give insects a place to live.

However, it is not known how many insects come to an area and to green roofs without spending a lot of resources on manual counting.


FaunaPhotonics has created a solution where biodiversity and the number of insects can be counted and monitored via a camera. They have also been given a unique opportunity to participate in a research project in Spain together with the Spanish company “Projar”, where they will focus on measuring biodiversity on green roofs.

With the funds from this project, FaunaPhotonics will be part of the project, but at the same time enter a new market where they can show the potential of their solution.

15/04/2024 – 30/09/2024

100.000 DKK

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