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A lot is being done for the green transition among businesses, but the information and data is not reaching consumers through the current channels that ensure a change in behaviour.

Consumers can’t navigate the green transition because there is no data available for scope 3 indicators to create an understanding and easily accessible way.

At the same time, a delay between data development and transfer to websites means that the data quickly becomes outdated and consumers don’t necessarily go to the websites. In addition, the EU has chosen to roll out documentation requirements for larger companies and SMEs by 2030 in terms of data.

Therefore, there is a need for a communication channel with standardised data management with valid and transparent two-way communication between consumer and company.



Through innovation, the partner group will develop and connect an augmented reality (AR) communication platform with an existing manufacturer data and calculation platform “YFS system” to relay valid and transparent data. Data on the platform will be:

Scope 1, 2 and 3 according to the GHG protocol
Water and energy consumption
Sorting options for packaging and
Certifications, labelling and e-numbers

The goal of the platform is to provide end consumers with direct information about the green transition and agenda among companies.

31/05/2023 – 30/12/2024

1.998.740 DKK

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