Circular practice – CO2 assessment of resource symbioses


To achieve a green transition and a more circular economy, it is important to ensure maximum and optimal utilisation of all materials – including residual products. THE UPCYCL, through their network, has a New Waste symbiosis where they help their members calculate their emissions. However, this is difficult as there are many different ways to do this (e.g. through the EU circular footprint form, GHG-P, SBTi etc.

This makes it difficult to have dates that can be quantified and validated for green accounting, so that savings and use of residuals can be properly attributed between companies.



Through the knowledge bridge project, THE UPCYCL will work with the partner group to review a selection of the most established methods and then select a maximum of three methods for the environmental assessment of up to four cases within the partner group.

Finally, a set of criteria will be developed at a scientific level for the different approaches to drive positive change and be more evidence-based than the current consensus-based approaches.



The goal and effect of the project will be to establish a material recycling CO2 effect that can lead more people to realise the potential of New Waste residual materials. This could lead to a 10-20 doubling of the amount of residual materials circulated through companies.

30/04/2023 – 30/05/2024

400.000 DKK

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