Carbon capture storage monitoring


As Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology develops and CO2 is captured, stored and transported to various reservoirs, the need to monitor for potential leakage is critical. To prevent CO2 from re-entering the atmosphere, sensitive measurement of all links in the chain is essential. At the same time, monitoring can help minimise major leaks and increase the efficiency of storing greenhouse gases on land and offshore.


NxPAS has developed an innovative sensor that can measure CO2 isotopes and early stages of leaks. The sensor can analyse the data by stationary measurement but can also cover larger areas using a car or drones.

The solution will help perform in situ analyses to investigate and measure CO2 emissions through the different stages of CCS. The analyses can also provide insights into optimising CCS processes, leading to greater efficiency, savings and more sustainable use.

During the partnership, NxPAS’ innovative solution will be tested at an industrial CCS site, where the goal after the partnership will be a finished prototype for Danish and international customers.

30/06/2023 – 30/12/2024

800.000 DKK

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