Indo-Danish Water Smart Technology network

The Indo-Danish Water Technology Innovation Network is a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering research and innovation partnerships between Danish and Indian institutions. The primary objective is to establish a network that explores opportunities for advancing safe and secure water solutions. The partners involved, including research institutes, universities, and various stakeholders, are dedicated to enhancing cooperation in the water technology sector.


  1. Research and Innovation Exploration:
    • Establish a network to explore research and innovation prospects between Danish and Indian entities.
    • Focus on thematic areas including groundwater and water supply, flooding, and central and decentral solutions for wastewater treatment.
  2. Support for SMEs and Collaboration Enhancement:
    • Support Danish small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in strengthening their collaborations with Indian businesses.
    • Expand research and technology collaboration between Denmark and India.

Thematic Focus Areas: The project will concentrate on the following three thematic areas:

  1. Groundwater and Water Supply:
    • Investigate how technologies such as sensors, IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can contribute to ensuring a sustainable and secure water supply.
  2. Flooding:
    • Explore innovative solutions to address flooding challenges using cutting-edge hardware and software technologies.
  3. Central and Decentral Solutions to Wastewater Treatment:
    • Examine research and innovation needs related to wastewater treatment, emphasizing central and decentralized solutions.

The partners seek to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges within each thematic area and identify ways in which advanced technologies can play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of water resources. Through this collaborative effort, the project aims to drive positive change in the water sector while fostering mutually beneficial relationships between Danish and Indian stakeholders.

The project is supported by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.

02/01/2023 – 31/12/2024

750.000 DKK

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