IoT network within nature and environmental technology

A network for those who want IoT and the environment

The network group is for companies and actors working with IoT (Internet of Things). The group focuses on the use of IoT to monitor and manage nature and environmental challenges.

IoT can be used to manage rainwater, control water quality or for demand-based irrigation of shrubs and trees, etc. In the network, we focus, among other things, on how IoT can become a sustainable business case for climate governance.

The network is created in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute and FORCE Technology through the Nordic IoT Center.

Potential members:

  • Companies working with environmental technology, both suppliers and consulting engineering companies.
  • Municipalities working with environmental management, climate adaptation (LAR) or urban heating, sewage systems.
  • Agricultural organizations interested in circular production.
  • Companies with large land areas.

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  • The opportunity to learn from top experts in the field who will give you insights and ideas on how to improve your business or organization.
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