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15. Jul 2024

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The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) allows companies to conduct an LCA of their product or service. LCA is a comprehensive environmental assessment that helps identify and minimize environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle.

Benefits of LCA:

  • Compliance with ISO 14044 standards and EU Commission ILCD guidelines
  • Use of advanced SimaPro software
  • Comparing different scenarios and alternatives
  • Preparing hot-spot analyses to promote eco-design and selection of environmentally friendly materials and technologies

Course details:

  • Each project is assigned to 4-5 master students under the guidance of leading experts from DTU
  • The project period runs from September to December 2024
  • Sponsorship Award: 25,000 DKK (10,000 DKK for micro-SMEs)

Confidentiality and benefits:

  • Processing of product cases is 100% confidential
  • An LCA can guide product innovation, resource efficiency and cost reductions
  • Enhanced communication about product sustainability internally and externally


  • Propose case studies by July 15
  • Make sure to provide necessary data by September
  • For further information and registration, visit DTU’s course website.

For more information and registration, visit DTU’s course website.

Clean’s activities are co-financed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.


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