Sustainable reduction of PFAS pollution from groundwater wells


In Denmark, drinking water production is threatened by increasing findings of problematic substances, including harmful PFASs. As PFAS is a persistent substance, its degradability is very poor and can be ingested through food. To meet Danish water requirements, sustainable removal of PFAS is needed.


Through the project, the partners will develop and test smaller decentralized purification solutions to remove PFAS and create experience knowledge that can be used in the future by various actors in terms of operation, regeneration and economy.


Results from this project aimed at sustainable and selective purification solutions for PFAS will be able to remedy the problem of the environmentally hazardous substances in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and at the same time ensure the future purification of drinking water.


Other partners:

  • Greve Waterworks
  • Tune Waterworks
  • Hedehusene Østre Waterworks

01/09/2023 – 30/08/2024

325,000 DKK

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