CPAP – Circular Plastics in the Americas Program

The Circular Plastics in the Americas Program (CPAP), financed by the European Union, supports a transition to a Circular Plastics Economy in Brazil, Canada, Chile and Colombia by enhancing the dialogue and cooperation on circular plastic solutions with the European Union in line with the EU Plastic Strategy to among other prevent marine litter.

This project will support to strengthen the EU’s leading role in the transition to the plastics of the future and to contribute to more competitive resilient plastic and recycling industries. By supporting a transition to sustainable production and consumption of plastics in the America Region, will contribute to significantly reducing marine and river litter, including European approaches, policies and business models.

The project will contribute for the EU to reach its global climate commitments and industrial policy objectives by supporting the international aspects of the EU Plastic Strategy in the Americas Region.

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31/12/2020 – 28/12/2023

22.320.000 DKK

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