Carbon Capture and Storage as a Service


Carbon Capture and Storage is something many larger companies in Denmark are looking at. The large companies have the resources to develop and create 1:1 contracts to reduce their CO2 emissions. CO2 is transported as a liquid under enormous pressure through pipelines, which is transferred to specialized containers.

This option is only available to a few small and medium-sized businesses, as CO2 capture is expensive and they need to look at other transportation options to contribute to the reduction.



DecarbonICE has developed a Carbon Capture as a Service (CCaS) solution where CO2 can be transported in solid form as dry ice under pressure, allowing standard shipping containers to handle it. This makes transportation safer, scalable and cheaper for SMEs and other stakeholders.

Through the project, DecarbonICE will seek out and explore opportunities for collaboration with other companies to initiate partner agreements across the entire SME value chain.

01/12/2023 – 31/03/2024

100.000 DKK

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