FCI - Furgy Clean Innovation

FURGY CLEAN Innovation: The Crossborder Clean Energy Cluster


The aim of the project FURGY CLEAN Innovation is to foster the development of innovation activities in the field of clean energy. This will lead to a sustainable strengthening of companies from the program region.

The aim will be fulfilled with the help of a cross border cluster management. A dynamic network for knowledge transfer and innovation will be developed, which will intensify the connection to neighbouring regions and will built up sustainable structures.

Over a period of four years FURGY CLEAN Innovation gets funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the Interreg 5a programme. Project partners are IHK Schleswig-Holstein, CLEAN Cluster, Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum Fachhochschule Kiel GmbH, Fachhochschule Kiel, UdviklingsRåd Sønderjylland, Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WTSH) and Kalundborg Forsyning. The danish project partners CLEAN and UdviklingsRåd Sønderjylland get additional funding from syddansk vækstforum.

The cluster management helps the regional companies with various services, which are developed together with interested stakeholders. These structures will enable private companies as well as research institutes and private citizens to use a broad knowledge base. In a smaller network or cooperation this would not be possible to the same extend. The cross border approach also will address the administration and politics in the region.

Building upon the previous success in the energy transition Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark also have a big potential for innovative activities in the area of clean energy in future. This counts especially for the topics of intelligent energy systems, energy efficiency and storage. All of them are based on the use of renewable resources. Particularly the small and medium sized enterprises (sme) in the programme region are facing challenges in order to stay competitive. Using the experience of the project partners cooperations´ of sme will be enabled along the whole value chain. FURGY CLEAN Innovation will increase the ability of smes to adapt to market changes through innovation.

The cluster management is a fundamental player in the German-Danish knowledge and technology transfer and therefore is a requirement for dynamic innovation activities. In order to build up a well-established cross border and cross sector network, the competences of already existing networks in the region will be used as a knowledge base.



IHK Flensburg
URS Udviklingsråd Sønderjylland
Kalundborg Forsyning
University of applied sciences, Fachhochschule Kiel