Launch Event on Clean Footstep

On December 14, 2019, the initiative Clean Footstep was launched on Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. The launch marked the beginning of the initiative, which was formalized by the signing of partnerships agreements between the Nordic Solutions represented by CLEAN, Comlurb, Lifeguard.

In October 2019, CLEAN facilitated workshops in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, funded by Nordic Solutions for C40, together with our Nordic partners from Innovation Norway and Tilväxtverket, to develop new links between Nordic waste expertise and Brazilian waste opportunities. Both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are facing a transition towards increased resource efficiency and circularity, which can be accelerated by expertise and technologies from the Nordic countries.

At the workshop in Rio de Janeiro, one topic was around reducing beach waste in the city as first step in a new overall plan for waste management in the city. The beaches are a trademark for Rio de Janeiro and littering is a threat to the reputation of the beautiful beaches. For this reason, there is a strong need for action to change the existing consumption pattern.

In order to meet this need, CLEAN, Tilväxtverket, Innovation Norway, Lifeguard (a leading Brazilian waste consultancy) and Comlurb (the public waste company of Rio de Janeiro) have established the initiative Clean Footstep (Pegada Limpa). The initiative will transform beach areas and kiosks into green areas, where there is an extended focus on reduction of waste littering and the management of the waste process.

In the clean beach areas, there will be a series of activities that will increase awareness and reduce litter. One thing is that all one-time-use products will be replaced with reusable products, which will be underpinned by new waste bins with separation of waste fractions. Furthermore, this will be supported by an awareness campaign by Comlurb, who will also intensify the cleaning in these areas. In this way, the clean beach areas will be more attractive to guests as they stand out from the rest of the beach.

“In Clean Footstep, we have used funding from Nordic Innovation to lift one idea from the workshops, run by C40 City Solutions and our Nordic partnership, to create new relationships between the stakeholders around the beach of Copacabana. Our goal is to use the pilot areas to show users of the beach and local stakeholders how new partnerships and local responsibility can create sustainable and profitable changes and act as a phase one in the waste management area in Rio.  We will extend this concept to more stakeholders and beach areas in the future and the management of the waste” Henrik Bjørnager, International Director, CLEAN.


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